Read the stories of some of our mindfully and sustainably sourced ingredients below.

No end to the Rainbow Algae

Our beautiful Rainbow Algae is like a Chameleon of the sea, becoming iridescent in water and changing from blue to green to purple.
Sourced of the coast of Brittany in France, the “land” of marine agriculture. At low tide a causeway opens up carved into the rocks where a unique seaweed harvesting area opens up, containing the Cystoseira Tamariscifolia or Rainbow Algae.
100% hand harvested a few km from the coast, the shoots of the year are hand cut with a knife, ensuring all roots are left fully in tact to regrow, minimize waste and ensure everything else is left in place.

'Green' Green Tea

Our Green Tea is processed using eco-friendly methods, uses 100% renewable energy and recycles everything used in the processing, from waste water to composting plant waste.

Upcycled Rice Bran

Our zero waste Rice Bran is sustainably sourced from the food industry. After rice has been 'polished', Phytic Acid can be naturally extracted. The rice waste product would usually be discarded, but instead can be upcycled and used as an effective, gentle chemical exfoliator.